maandag 7 december 2009

And the winner is......

I just want to thank everyone who entered my giveaway, you were 230!!! I was really surprised by this number of entries. Thank you all for the great comments on my bags. I think the house bag, with the cat peeping through the window, was your favorite!

The winner is number 200 ……Danielle. I already send her a message.  

4 opmerkingen:

  1. yey! Thanks for the chance! I'm so excited for the clutch! Its going to be my new favorite purse!

  2. What a great blog - you do wonderful work. Love the birds you made - how cute!

  3. Hoi Baukje,

    Ik kreeg meteen de mail terug, met als reden: serverproblemen.....
    Vreemde toestand he?
    Ik ga je ook nog mailen vanaf een andere computer in huis(dit is een I-mac je weet mar nooit...)gr. Tineke

  4. I received the clutch right around christmas! Thank you so very much, I LOVE IT!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!