vrijdag 12 november 2010

6 weeks till Christmas

Time flies ......
Today I'll give you some Matryoshka's, or baboushka's  or Russian dolls.
They are hot, even the French  magazine 'Marie Claire Idées' had a topic about these cute little dolls.
Here are some pictures:

I have the French patterns of the pillows, the bags and the picture on the cape. If you are interested, mail me.

Here I found some cross stitch Matryoshka's, so cute.....

In the book 'Gift' by Rosalie Quinlan are some more Russian Doll patterns.  I did not know that she also designed fabric, on Corrie's blog you can find a giveaway of beautiful Rosalie Quinlan fabric!

In one of the numbers of 'Cent idees' that I bought this year is a lovely Matryoshka bag pattern.
Happy Crafting.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. The angels are so special. And the two children s little outfits are so sweet. I love all the colors and patterns.

  2. I've actually emailed you twice! have you checked your junk mail? the email I emailed you from was lauren.spilsbury@lca.org.au

  3. Hallo Baukje. Wat heb je weer leuke dingen op je blog staan. Mooie tassen gemaakt en je reportage over mathruska's vind ik heel erg leuk. Is het bij jullie ook zo'n snert(quilt)weer. Groetjes van Dorien

  4. Zoo dat zijn er veel.
    Een paar ken ik en een deel is nieuw voor mij, erg leuk !!!

    De engeltjes wil ik een keer maken, zag ze vorig jaar al hier en daar, grappig.


  5. The Matyroshka on the back of the cape is just darling! I love it. I too like these dolls. My late grandmother was born in Russia.