woensdag 27 april 2011

My grandmother's flowergarden

The whole Easter weekend I worked on my flowergarden. I made a lot of progress.

I hope to finish the quilt soon . But I have some questions. 
Should I make a border, if so a solid border and which color? And how to sew the border on the hexagons?
How about the binding?
And the quilting, of course I will do this by hand, but where should I quilt..... Only the hearts of the flowers? Only the gardenpathes?

Maybe you could advice me......
How about the binding

5 opmerkingen:

  1. You are doing this so fast and it looks lovely. I would give it a regular finish in the background colour with a binding that matches one of the fabrics used in the flowers.

  2. You have made a ton of progress and it looks amazing!!!! Just beautiful!!! Your colors are bright and cheerful and I just love it!!!

  3. I'm not a quilter so I can't advise you but will say that quilt is just beautiful! I love all the colors!

  4. Hoi, hij is mooi, en wat een werk zit er in zeg.
    Voor de rand heb ik geen idee, heb nog nooit gequilt. groet jolien

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous.I just love it. So much work but I bet it was a joy to make.