zondag 5 juni 2011

My trip to Italy 5, Orvieto.... show and tell

 We started on monday layering our wool Fat Quarter. On tuesday Sue told us that she wanted us to CUT our fat quarter in 3 or 4 pieces so we could arrange them in another way.  Finally most of us agreed and the result was wonderful. Then  we started  to applique the images and after that the embellishments, the real fun!!
On friday, our last day together, we had a show and tell in the courtyard. Although most of us had not finished their work, the results of this great week, were already beautiful

In everybodys work you can see images of Orvieto:  the Duomo, the abstract images outside the Duomo and on the gates, the mosaic tiles, the vineyard that we visited, the jasmine which was blooming everywhere.....

Renée from Missouri, she made a lovely owl and snake....

Vanelle from Montana made the Duomo .

Janet from Ohio with some tiles and other elements of the Duomo

Lynn from Illinois also made some flowers/tiles 

Mary from Illinois made the artichoke she saw on the saturday market, the bird is from the museum.

Kathy from Utah made an Orvieto landscape.

Angela from Ireland was inspired by the grapes and leaves, look at the embellishment of her grapes!

Elizabeth from Sydney ,Australie also made leaves.

Kori from Ohio started with the cappuccino cup and filled it with flowers.

Cathy, Kori's mother made the twisted Wisteria in the courtyard.

Carole from illinois made an Orvieto landscape with houses.
We put all our work on the table so everybody could make pictures of the details.

Tomorrow my personal Show and Tell, see you tomorrow!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Some lovely work - I love the sizr too!

  2. How inspirational must it have been to produce all those diverse pieces? Can't wait to see what you produced tomorrow..

  3. Wonderful work. I'm living your trip vicariously.

  4. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful work. I have so enjoyed following your trip.