zondag 8 januari 2012

I bought two gorgeous Amish quilt patterns

I found two beautiful Amish quiltpatterns . They are based on quilts from the Esprit collection of the Lancaster Quilt and textile museum. This is the double-ninepath quilt.

This is the sunshine and shadow quilt

Aren't they GORGEOUS? 
The printed material you  get with the patterns starts with information about the quilts (they are made in 1935) and you learn about Amish quilting during this period. 
The patterns include very detailed and easy to understand instructions for both modern and traditional methods.

Each pattern comes with 22 pages of information and instruction and .........with several quilting stencils.
 These quilting stencils!!!! are for the double-ninepath quilt.

The stencils for the sunshine and shadow .....
Look at those baskets!!!

I cannot wait to start, But first I need to choose the colors, of course I will use Kona solids ,do you remember that already I ordered some? 

When you finished the quilts you can register them in the Museum and you will receive a seal of proof on a numbered certificate of authenticity.
If you are interested you can buy them here.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. such beauties!

    which one will you start with first?

  2. They are gorgeous, I love that they have history too! Can't wait to see which one you do first x

  3. Ze zijn super. Echt geweldig.


  4. The quilts are so beautiful, as are the quilting stencils! I like your words.. hope, belief and love. With those as your focus words, you are going to have a really wonderful year!