vrijdag 10 februari 2012

It's VERY cold here in France

Already two weeks winter is here. And the temperatures are so low, -17 and -14 are normal these days.
Every morning I have to chop the ice in the donkey's watering-trough.

While walking with rosa I saw these hinds, beautiful!!!!

I think the 'live' there because you can see them almost every day......

4 opmerkingen:

  1. We have had a mild winter here in the states,at least on the east coast. I understand,according to the news, that most of Europe has been plummeted with snow. It is beautiful, none the less.

  2. Oh, those are big chunks of ice! It looks so much colder where you are. We have had such a mild winter this year. I'm sure the deer are wishing spring would hurry up and arrive. They are probably having a hard time finding food.

  3. Good grief Baukje, that is COLD!! Its been cold here but nothing like -17! I hope you are keeping warm. I always feel so sad for the birds and animals in the cold weather - how can they survive such temperatures???? But some always do thank goodness - amazing!