maandag 16 april 2012

I am off to Nantes............ and a woolapplique bag

Tomorrow I take the train to Nantes to the craft fair:  'Pour l'amour du Fil'.
I'll stay two days, wednesday I'll follow  this workshop and thursday I'll do this one
Maybe you remember that last year, I made this this backpack. I wanted to change it a bit and added a woolapplique with a lot of embroidery.
Do you like it?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Such a colorful, happy looking back pack..What a delight it would be to carry. The craft show in Nantes will be wonderful and I hope you show pictures of some of the crafts. When I lived in the Loire Valley, I went to several craft type was in a castle! Workmanship was superb. I looked up the classes you were taking but they were in French. I did get an idea of what you'll be doing though..Looks exciting!

  2. Have fun.The backpack is stunning and love it!!

  3. I LOVE it! Have a wonderful time at your workshops!!

  4. Dat ziet er weer super leuk uit.


  5. Dat ziet er echt super mooi en leuk uit.Als je in Nederland bent en je hebt weer eens tijd om langs te komen dan moet je er maar eens over vertellen. Zo'n heerlijk werkje wat je op de bank kunt doen denk ik?!Als het allemaal lukt komen we misschien van de zomer nog wel even langs!Als dat bij jullie schikt natuurlijk! lieve groet, Fransje