dinsdag 30 april 2013

Au revoir Nantes 2

I already told you about the 150 anniversary of the Dear Jane quilt. If  you want to know more about the quilt  you could go to THE Dear Jane website here.
It was a great pity that the original Dear Jane was not there. Brenda Papadakis  should bring the quilt with here, she became ill and could not come so there were 113 copies .....
I already showed you Marian's quilt, there were about 10 Dutch copies.

Here is another Dutch one, a very small one. It was made bij Els Feteris (Bobbin).

Enjoy all the Dear Janes......

The three pictures above are made by Helen.

This last picture was made by Sue, I met her in Di Fords class, here is her blog.
If you want to see more Dear Jane's take a look here!!!! 

I was really impressed by all these beautiful Dear Jane quilts, but i also know, having seen them hanging in Nantes that I am not going to make one.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow!!
    Thank you so much for sharing all these lovely quilts Baukje, and for providing some links. The first link is brilliant in that it gives the history of the Dear Jane quilt, which I had never heard of until your last post, and the last link shows an amazing array of them.
    Love the sweet first quilt here.
    Thank you!
    Gill xx

  2. Wel een prachtig gezicht al die DJ's, waarom heb je besloten haar niet te gaan maken. Je bent er toch handig genoeg voor?

    bedankt voor de prachtige foto's.
    Lieve groetjes, Evelyne

  3. They are beautiful and thanks so much for sharing with us. But honeychile - WHERE is your sense of adventure. You do such beautiful quilting - I think you should make one of these LOL

  4. These are all so wonderful!! Yes, this will have to be your next project.

  5. Any Jane is just awesome!!
    I still working in my blue version and this year my goals is to do several blocks.

  6. A bit sad all those Dear Janes. Imagine doing all that work (by hand even) and then being one of 100's, hardly noticed?

  7. Dat is toch wel heel bijzonder, al die Dear Janes! Prachtig!!!