zondag 20 oktober 2013


I was rather tired when i came back from Italy and then there were the apples.

Apples everywhere, so it was time to make an appointment for the apple- juice maker. I grabbed 200 kilo's of apples.

Yesterday we went to make the juice. The car smelled delicious with all those fruits.

First the apples are washed.

Then pressed and this 'carpet´ of apple parings is the result.

And then the juice ....

The juice is pasteurized and  keeps quality for years. The association where we went making the juice is a club of volunteers. There intention is to save old fruittree varieties from the region. 

So you need to fill the bottles yourself .

We came home with 130 liters of applejuice and the trees are still loaded with apples....

And did i craft these last two weeks? Yes , of course i did, my Orvieto project is almost finished and i am busy working for the Christmas market.

I will show soon the results.....

7 opmerkingen:

  1. That's a big task but what a delisouse drink you now have !!!!

  2. Wat bijzonder Baukje! Geweldig dat er zo'n club bestaat en dat je daar je appels kan omtoveren in sap. Tjonge, wat een kilo's hadden jullie verzameld. Wat gaan jullie nou met de appels doen die nog aan de bomen hangen?

  3. Jemig, wat een klus, je appels!!! Maar als je dan al die mooi gevulde flessen ziet word je wel blij denk ik :-). En dan ook nog handwerken tussendoor; druk, druk druk Baukje!
    Lieve groet, Nelleke

  4. Wow. That is amazing! Oh, I would love to have helped, Baukje. I love fresh apple juice. How nice that you will have some to enjoy in the months ahead and I really admire that your group is saving the old varieties of apples. It's so important for us to not lose those varieties.

  5. Dat is een mooie oogst. Fijn dat je dit op deze manier kunt verwerken.

  6. Oh the apple juice looks wonderful. I love your beautiful piece you made while in Italy. The colors are marvelous and your stitching fantastic.