vrijdag 26 december 2014

Shibori and fabric dyeing with madder

I am so fascinated by the Shibori technique that I wanted to try some more patterns.
I dyed the fabric pieces in madder/meekrap/garance. But before you can start dyeing there is a long way to go.....
First you need to clean the fabric, even used and washed fabric need to be cleaned . The fabric should be boiled in a solution of washing soda and a bit of dishwashing liquid.
The water will become brown/orange, an unbelievable dirty color!
Then the fabric need to be mordanted, to help the dye to become permanently fixed to the fibres.
For cellulose/vegetable fibres you need an other way of mordanting than for animal fibres.
I did three mordanting bath, the first with 20% of alum and 6% of soda ash. The second bath with 8 % of tannin and the third bath again in the alum solution. Between the bath the fabric need to dry and wash just before a new bath.
The color you get depends on a lot of things, the ph of your water, the amount of color you use, if you use cotton or linen or hemp, light weight or medium light weight ........
I dyed two linen scarf and some pieces for cushions or bags.

Here in France Christmas is over , we only know the first day of Christmas but I wish my Dutch readers a peaceful and 'gezellig' second day of Christmas. 

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  1. Ohhh Baukje you are so clever I love them all xx

  2. Prachtig resultaat Baukje! Ik houd ook veel van die donker oranje kleur :) De beste wensen en fijne dagen nog! xxx

  3. I love,love,love Shibori too. These are GORGEOUS, Baukje! (You are such a clever woman).

  4. Jij bent heerlijk bezig, Wat een mooie projecten doe je toch. Ik hoop dat je in 2015 ook weer heerlijk creatief bezig zult zijn. :)

  5. Mooi geworden Baukje.
    Een goed en creatief 2015 toegewenst.
    groetjes, Evelyne

  6. Mooi Baukje!! Wat zit er nog veel voorbereiding aan vast. Ik wil zelf een wat verkleurde blouse gaan verven, maar begin wel wat te twijfelen nu :-/. Zo mooi als jouw projecten verwacht ik sowieso niet maar dat de verf overal goed pakt lijkt me wel wenselijk ;-))).
    Lieve groet, Nelleke

  7. I love the results of your fabric dyeing and shibori! They look amazing! It sounds quite complicated though, a science as well as an art. This is something I have often wanted to have a go at.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!
    Gill xx

  8. Hello Baukje... I have no idea how you make this - it looks wonderful! I wish you all the best for the new year... Annett

  9. Je verf resultaten mogen er zijn Baukje, echt prachtig!
    De beste wensen voor 2015!

  10. Love the effects you've created Baukje. Rather like tie dying we did in the 70s. Love the photos of your market too - very interesting to see what goes on in France!