donderdag 18 februari 2010

New blogs to visit 2

I like the blog of Steph, she lives in the south-West of China.  When you visit her blog you should  click on the video with the title: 'Did I have a pain'. It's so full of humour .
On her blog she talks about her family, her life in China, her crafting......

Another blog that I want to show you is MrsMoen 's blog, she lives in Norway and I like her work.

The last blog is My pink turtle. Lulu lives in Canada, she loves gardening and painting. Her folk-art paintings are very colorful .

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Baukje - like you I found some fab blogs from the OWOH event and added about 80 to my follow list - you are one of them! I have already discovered Steph in China (love her blog too!) and am now going to visit your other recommendations. When are we going to have time to craft :o)!!

  2. Baukje, thanks so much for the sweet words. I love visiting you too (and Ann, commenting just above :) ). There's such a world of wonder out there. Thanks for the new sites to see.