donderdag 1 april 2010

Alphabe Thursday

K is for KAREL, the coq .
He was born here, two years ago his mother surprised me with 13 kids. I could not found her for about 3 weeks and there she was.......

Proud and a bit aggressive, because she had to protect so many kids.
Karel grew up here with 4 of his brothers and many sisters , I gave away some kids and  have eaten 4 coq's. I am sorry, but that is also French country cannot keep 5 coq's!

Now he is the king of the farmyard, He has 4 wives, two old ones of 7 years ,one of two years and one of 4 month old. You can imagine that he's happy.
 At about 5 o'clock he jumps in the window-sill  to let me know that it's time for some grains and time  to go to bed. At the moment the young chicken also jumps, because she is so curious. .....and eager to learn.

They live together in the former outside W.C.......

And they are free to go wherever they want, to find something to eat......

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  1. I just love reading about your life there in France. Thankyou!


  2. Ha Baukje,

    Wat een leuke foto's! Zo krijg je ook weer zin in het mooie weer!
    fijne pasen, groetjes,

  3. What great photos. I especially love Karel's mama with her chicks. She was a sneaky one. And that Karel... You can tell he really rules the roost. Fun post!

  4. They are neat. Your link is not working at Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday just so you know. I was able somehow to figure out how to get here.

  5. We had chickens when I was growing up. Your post brought back a lot of memories...


  6. I just checked the link and it seems to be OK now. I see you had another post after the troubled one so I think it is fine now!

    And ...

    What a beautiful post. I am always so intriqued with your life there.

    It seems simple and beautiful.

    And it was a wonderful stopo for me today as I continued on my journey through the letter "K" on Alphabe-Thursday!


  7. Oh what wonderful pictures, life looks wonderful in the country!

  8. Lovely pictures! Your coq is a beautiful creature. You make country life look amazing!

  9. Karel is a beauty. We don't have a coq right now - just hens - so it's a little quiet down at the chicken yard. I miss that happy morning cockadoodledoo!

  10. Karel is a handsome fellow and I am happy you shared his story today.

  11. Hey!

    Linda led me to your sight! Love your rooster! I just gave one of mine away. His name was Hazel...I named him young in an attempt to force him to be a girl. It didn't work. Fortunately, my neighbor is a whiz at finding homes for excess roosters! Skippy is my keeper. He thinks I'm his mom!

    Happy Easter!

  12. Nice to meet you! I look forward to learning more about your life in France. And the bag in your header is just GORGEOUS. I'm Swedish and moved to the U.S when I was almost 9. I also love to knit!

  13. Wat een leuke foto's,
    prachtige kippen!

  14. Karel is one lucky coq to have so many wives. Ah, I am sure he loves to be king!

  15. Hallo Baukje, ik heb net een paar logjes van je gelezen. Ik vind de gebreide onderbroeken niet zo, ze hadden voor mannequin beter een man met mooiere benen uit kunnen kiezen. Leuk je alfabet dinsdag en wat heb je veel kippen, ik heb zo zin om bij je op bezoek te komen. En dan je 2e quiltje, dat ziet er heel goed uit. Ga zo door. Fijne Pasen en de groetjes van Dorien

  16. What great pictures. Enjoyed hearing about your Karel the coq.

  17. I love karel...He is such a proud guy with his family! Love the chick pictures too, perfect for Easter!