vrijdag 9 juli 2010

Computer out of order

My computer was out of order for more than two weeks!  My new Mac gave suddenly a white screen, I was very disappointed...........
I am not very satisfied with the treatment of the Apple Center in Limoges. this weekend I'll write a complaint letter to  Apple Europe.

In the meantime I made some more childbags and key-rings and pincushions for the market, next wednesday.
I hope to show you some pictures tomorrow.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Sorry to hear about your Computer problem. Your complaint about the Service with Apple seems to be the main thing here in the States too, this is one reason I will never own a Mac..Hope your problems are over now..Welcome back.

  2. Hi I was wondering what happened-welcome back-I am lost without my computer-all my friends are in here-lol did you get my package ok