donderdag 16 september 2010

14 Weeks till Christmas.

Here it's still Indian summer but fall is coming, you can feel it and smell it.

On Deb's blog 'Work in progress' I found the idea to make a Christmas present every week till Christmas. Yes I know Christmas is still far away but  you could never start too early to make your handmade Christmas presents, so I 'll give you each week some ideas for handmade presents.

Today some tutorials from the same blog.
First  these friendship necklaces.

You also could make this pom-pom garland .

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I was surprised to see the friendship necklaces making a come back. I remember them from the 60-70's? I went to the site you posted and see that they are even wearing them in a new way-around the waist? Very cool. I am going to send this link to my granddaughters. I think they'd probably love them. Thanks so much!

  2. Leuk dat je volger bent geworden! En wat een leuke blog heb je.. die pompom slinger, echt heel erg leuk. Heb zin om naar de winkel te rennen voor wol :-)

  3. The pom-pom garland looks so cute hanging from trees! "14 weeks" makes it sound closer than I am ready for it to be...

  4. Ooo I love both these ideas - my teenage nieces would love those friendship necklaces - now where did I put that old skipping rope!!! Thanks so much for the link Baukje.

  5. just stumbled across your blog, and very glad I did! These friendship necklaces are right up my street =]