donderdag 1 maart 2012

Do you want to swap fabric .......

Some weeks ago Renée started the blog 'wij ruilen lapjes' (we swap fabric) . We all have a lot of fabric and when we need more we buy it. So why not swap in stead of buying and buying and buying more.

Everybody has fabric that you do not need anymore or that you do not love anymore so why not swap this pieces for something you absolutely need......

I already did two swaps and i am very satisfied!

The blog is in Dutch but I think it's a good idea to go there and take a look. On the right   you'll see names on which you can click and then you are on the person's swappage.

Maybe you can yourself organize a swap blog in English?

This is my page on the blog, I want to swap some owl fabric.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great idea Baukje!
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. excellent idea Baukje...... but I'm such a hoarder! I'd always be thinking Oh I wish I still had that piece ;o) That's why there's no room in my house! Hope you had a lovely trip.

    1. Hallo Baukje
      Ik zoek gewoon tussen alle stofjes want bij hun staat inderdaad alles door elkaar en als je reproductiestofjes in typt krijg je ook niet alles te zien of je moet op marcus of windham zoeken, maar ze hebben we veel reproductie ook in de sale, dus gewoon er even op je gemak voor gaan zitten en rond zoeken. Veel succes ermee.
      Groetjes Anneke

  3. I'd love to do this and I have one owl fabric and if You'd like to do an FQ then that would be good. Let me know