maandag 21 mei 2012

My trip to Italy, some impressions

Saturday night I returned from my second trip to Orvieto in Italy where I had a 5-day class with Sue Spargo. And again it was a wonderful experience... Here some impressions of the market, the town and the Duomo.

Tomorrow more pictures.....

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Absolutely beautiful !!!!!! I want to go to Italy!!! :-) Can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. Italy is truly a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing those impressions. I can hardly wait to see your creation from the Sue Spargo Class. Hugs Judy

  3. Beautiful!

    Looking forward to more...

  4. Mooie foto's !
    En wat een bijzondere planten ook :o)
    Ben ook benieuwd naar je ervaringen met Sue Spargo ,

  5. I was just speaking to someone who is taking a class with Sue here in Australia soon, so she certainly does get around! The wall designs are so stunning.

  6. Lucky you. Sue spargo! Looking forward to seeing what you made.
    And are those artichokes? I thought they were flowers when I saw the thumbnail. Great photo.

  7. Mooie foto's!Inspiratie genoeg! Ik ben benieuwd naar de rest van je foto's. Altijd leuk om mee te genieten!
    Groetjes, Evelyne

  8. Lucky you, Baukje. Can't wait to see more.

  9. Mmmm... gorgeous pics, Baukje. Can't wait to hear more about your trip and your classes.