donderdag 4 maart 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that

Yesterday i came home from my trip in Holland. In Paris I was a bit in a hurry so not enough time to buy books at Junku's. But I bought this book with recipes from Clea. She has a very interesting blog with healthy cooking recipes: low fat, little sugar, vegetarian....

I also bought this cute little notebook.

In the seventies and eighties there was a very popular craftmagazine in France. It was called "100 IDEES". There is a blog where the fans of this magazine exchange lost numbers or try to complete their collection. I also used this site and I found someone who wanted to sell her collection. I received about 110 numbers !!!!  Not the complete collection, but I am still searching...... 

Someone gave us a  young chicken, she is so very cute...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leukerd, heeft zij al een naam?

  2. Je vois que tu as trouvé ton bonheur sur le site des centidéalistes!

  3. Baukje ben je in Nederland geweest? Dat had je me moeten laten weten, dan had je bij mij op bezoek kunnen komen. Volgende keer? Groetjes Dorien

  4. Ha Baukje,

    Leuk al die bladen, en dan lekker snuffelen(hopelijk lekker op je bankje in het zonnetje!). Dat loijkt me helemaal geweldig!