zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

Off the needles

Today Carolus came off the needles, i started to knit him yesterday night. A quick and easy knit.
And here is the finished cedarleaf shawlette in blue/green.

In the meantime I knitted this shawl in green. It's a present for an old lady in Holland. I am going to visit her next week. Some weeks ago I showed you another one that I knitted for her. But i am afraid that one is a bit too small so I searched another pattern. This is the  'simple but effective shawl' pattern.
Easy and mindless knit with nice result.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Your shawlette and shawl are just beautiful - the colors are glorius!

  2. I love the teddy bear. I love the pattern effect the wool makes. And those shawls are lovely. I love the colouring in both.
    Have a great time in Holland.

  3. What a cute bear. Is he friends with the monkey on your previous post?

  4. De sjaals zijn heel mooi geworden. Ik vind vooral de bladeren onderaan de eerste sjaal erg mooi. Als je wilt verklappen waar het patroon vandaan komt.............. Ik zou de sjaal ook graag breien. (Best brutaal om dat zo te vragen, maar ik vind de sjaal ook zooooo mooi!)