zondag 28 augustus 2011

The grandchildren were here

Last week I had no time to blog, because the grandchildren, and their parents, were here... They arrived in their yellow oldtimer van.

The cute little boy is three years, the whole day he is asking questions: what are you going to do; can i go with you; may i help you; what is this: why. 
And of course he wanted to help feeding the animals.....
His little sister is only 7 months, she was laughing the whole day and she LOVES to eat. 

We had some wonderful days together.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh I LOVE that bright sunflower yellow VW van!!! We called them "combis" when I was a kid living in South America. (Portuguese did not have the letter K, like Germany.) How wonderful it must have been to spend time with your sweet grandchildren!!

  2. Lovely photos of your family Baukje - and isn't that the sweetest baby photo!!!

  3. What a lovely family and I also absolutely adore the yellow old timey van!

  4. Happy days. Family is the most precious thing isn't it?

  5. I keep looking at that fabulous combi van. Have always wanted one and now it has to be yellow!!!A beautiful family holiday.