donderdag 4 augustus 2011

My Orvieto leaf sampler.... FINISHED

I finished the embroidery of my Orvieto sampler. It was so fun, each leaf was a little project...which thread in which color; which stitch; beads or no beads.....  I used the stitches i learned in Orvieto . Did you ever heard of the drizzle stitch and the whipped woven circle?
I used the wool and fabric that we swapped with our group , the background is from Renée. So this leaf sampler became a wonderful  memory of that great, inspiring week in Orvieto with Sue Spargo and those lovely groupmembers.
Here is the result:

You can click on the pictured for more details .

8 opmerkingen:

  1. It's beautiful! I LOVE it! I would love to try this. Where did you get your wool from ?

  2. So, so lovely. Well done Baukje, such wonderful memories it must hold..

  3. Hi Baukje! What beauty you've created with all you learned in Italy from Sue. The hours and hours of stitching must have been nearly as divine as our week together in Orvieto. So glad you'll be back with us for another grand adventure next May.
    Kristi Steiner

  4. Oh Baukje! It is Beautiful! What a nice memory! Missing you and our wonderful (dream-like) time together in Italy! <3

  5. Your leaf sampler is incredibly beautiful. Truly beautiful stitching. Great Job. Hugs Judy