donderdag 28 oktober 2010

8 Weeks till Christmas

This week I found Ann Wood's blog. She  make such beautiful birds, I  never saw such stylish birds.

On her blog you can find a tutorial of a horse, they are gorgeous, I am sure this will inspire you to make one...or two.

She also has a tutorial of a boat, made of paper-mache, this would be a lovely present for a child.

Happy crafting. 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Those little paper doll horses are so cute. The birds are lovely as well. I somehow missed your zippered pouches. You are very talented with the needle!!!

  2. Don't you just love her birds? I've been following her blog for a awhile now and always love to see her new creations. There is another blogger Abby Glassenberg that has wonderful birds too although she's now branching out into other stuffed animals. Her new book is here:

  3. Love those birds! Love the boats too....

  4. wat een mooie kunst, de vogeltjes.
    En leuke tutorials !!

    Je hebt een mooie rij tasjes gemaakt van leuke(bekende) stofjes !!!
    Leuk werkje hé !?;-)

    En de grote tas ook zo mooi zeker met het versierde frontje.

    fijn weekend... marian'ne m

  5. Beautiful work...lovely folk bag!!!