zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

Blogger's quiltfestival

In blogland there's the Bloggers quiltfestival going on. Although I am just a novice quilter I want to participate. If you love quilts go to Amy's blog and you'll find lots of gorgeous quilts.

I only made 2 quilts, one for the dog's bed. There were so many old shirts of the dog's master, and the dog's bed was a bit worn out. So I started to cut squares out of the skirts..... I discovered that cutting squares with scissors and a centimetre was not as easy as a thought. You can imagine the (not)squares, which was the result. However I love my first quilt and so do Rosa the dog.

But my favorite is my second quilt, that I made for the cat's bed. In the meantime I bought a cutter,  a cutting mat and  some rulers. And I am very proud of the result.....
But I still need some lessons to learn cutting because the problem with cutting is still there. i don't know where to start, how to use the rulers and so on. That all keeps me from going on. 
My blogfriend Dorien wants to give me  some lessons, next time  I 'll be in Holland.
Maybe you could gave me a link that should be helpful.

Here is my bloganniversary-giveaway,you can enter till the first of november.

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  1. These are quite pretty. You do a nice job with color. Lucky puppy and kitty! Keep working at it. You are definitely headed down the right track!

  2. You have spoiled your sweet little animals! Oh the lucky cat and dog who get to sleep with these beautiful, colorful quilts. They look great to me.

    Thanks for the link to the quilters blog. I will check it out now.

  3. You have a very lucky dog and cat. What beautiful beds you have made for them.

  4. The bright red one is nice and colorful!

  5. These are great, especially the first! The first real quilt I made was for my dog too. :)

  6. Great work!
    you have such a lovely blog - I'll be back :)
    I loved your post on aprons!!

  7. Hi! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Such lovely quilts you have made, I like the way you are using colours here. I have found lots of tips about cutting and sewing at Quilters Tv (there is a link on the sidebar of my blog) Eleanor Burns is one of the pros, she explains cutting, pressing, sewing in her videos. And all is for free! Have fun!

  8. These are precious - you did a wonderful job! I would recommend going to youtube, and do a search for quilting videos or rotary cutting videos. Just be careful with your fingers!

  9. Hola, Baukje!!!
    Muchas Gracias! Por tu visita a mi blog y por tus dulces palabras!
    Si quieres leer la historia, puedes elegir tu idioma en el Google Translate que está en la Barra Lateral izquierda al inicio del blog.
    Me encantó la colcha azul de tu perro y más la del gato, por los colores!!! Yo tengo una perra weimaraner de 8 años que es mi sombra!
    Hay mucho de dónde aprender en Internet, un buen lugar (para tí que hablas inglés) es, donde encontrarás también muchos videos!
    Un abrazo desde Argentina!
    GOOGLE TRADUCTOR: "Hello, baukje!
    Thank you very much! On your visit to my blog and for your sweet words!
    If you want to read the story, you can choose your language in Google Translate which is on the left sidebar at the beginning of the blog.
    I loved the blue blanket over your dog and the cat, the colors! I have an 8 year old weimaraner dog is my shadow!
    There is much to learn on the Internet where a good place (for you to speak English) is where you'll find too many videos!
    A hug from Argentina!"

  10. Lucky kitty, very stylish. There are so many tutorials on line, just google beginning quilting or rotary cutting, etc. and you'll get words and videos.
    Come see my 1890 antique schoolhouse quilt and
    black/white/pink scrappy miniature

  11. Lovely quilts. You have a very lucky cat and dog. Though you did not have pictures of your pets, I see the dog as being the comfortable sort and your cat as quite a sophisticated feline, just based on the colorways and the fabrics you used in the two quilts. Very fun as well!

  12. how lucky your animals are! I have a similar quilt like the one you made for your dog, it is very nice!

    thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!


  13. Lucky animals, they are great first quilts. I love your choice of fabrics.

  14. Wow! The quilts are beautiful...just keep on as you are; you are making beautiful quilts! There are tutorials showing how to use the rotary cutter and rulers.


  15. First quilts are always an adventure! Plaids are so much fun. Love the colors in the second one. As you look around in blogland you will find a growing trend to not using patterns (improvisational quilting) and just piecing.

  16. I think it is great that you made a quilt out of shirts, it sounds like the real beginning of quilting! And I know dogs have a weakness for plaid! I hope you are able to find all the info about quilting, it is fun and addicting!
    Thanks for visiting.