woensdag 21 september 2011

A bit of this and a bit of that and a bit of chat.......

Monday I made my to-do-list for this week.  Only for this week, I am not as organized as you may be thinking..... But last week I made a doll quilt all by hand. I started on sunday and the other sunday the dollquilt was finished.
And that week I did NOTHING ELSE. I only quilted and I loved it.

This is/was on my list for this week:

look for walnuts; my tree is still young and does not give a lot.(I did it and found about 10 kilo!!)
gather apples,
make tomato chutney, ( I made it yesterday, give you the recipe soon)

make cuttings from the pelargoniums, (done)

pick the quinces, they are ripe, and make syrop.
pick the grapes for making juice,
in the freezer are still cherries to make jam,it's time to do that ...
finish the cardigan for Terje, I started monday evening, made a lot of mistakes , so I needed to rip. Yesterday I started again, and again mistakes and I did not understand the pattern, so I ripped again!!!
I will change the pattern and see what shall happen.....So far I am here:

Thank goodness (lol)  that I had my ayurveda massage yesterday, I go there each month, it's so RELAXING!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I liked reading your interesting post this morning. Your bits and pieces helps put together
    your life. The gathering and making of jellies and other things sounds like such fun and the ripping out of the sweater is all a part of truly appreciating the finished product. Your brain will thank you for it too. The more you have to figure out, the more the brain cells grow...we hope anyway!

  2. Leuk om te lezen, jouw "beetjes van dit en dat". Alleen dat uithalen van je breiwerk is wel flink balen. Goed van je, dat je het nog niet in een hoek hebt gesmeten LOL


  3. You are the most creative and busiest blogger Baukje! And whatever you tackle turns out beautifully - so I'm sure the cardigan will too.

  4. Bah breiwerk uithalen, en dan die breinaalden er weer terug op zetten. Niets voor mij hoor. Heel veel succes er mee. Groetjes, Erna