zaterdag 24 september 2011

Dollquilt Tillie finished

I already told you about this dollquilt. I made it in exactly one week.  All pieced and quilted by hand.
I bought the pattern in Holland, it's also available here.
The fabric is Maison de garance of French General for Moda.
I love the result.....

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een mooie warme kleuren Baukje, erg mooi!


  2. Hi Baukje. Your quilt looks amazing done in French General. Love the border. Great job.

  3. Hij is echt prachtig. Wat snel gemaakt. Echt super. Groetjes, Erna

  4. Baukje, You have done wonderful work in this quilt. Beautiful use of colour.
    It is Monday here so I have done all the shopping and banking. Now I am going to make a tea cosy.
    Very windy and I hope the wind doesn't blow the blossom away.

  5. It's beautiful! You work at lightening speed!

  6. Weer een mooi poppenquiltje erbij. Groetjes Dorien