donderdag 15 september 2011

Pelargonium varieties

This year we had a very hot april and may, so the garden was already dry and faded in june. Because I need to have flowers around the house I ordered some pelargoniums.  Even when summer is hot, they stay healthy and are always blooming.

Yesterday i made some cuttings. In winter the pelargoniums are in the cave and only watered twice or three times. There is always a risk to loose some so i want to have cuttings.
If you want some cuttings, I love to send them to you.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. You have a lovely selection of pelargoniums..the colours are stunning!

  2. I love the pelagoniums but I also loved hearing that you store things in your cave. Only in France can this happen! LOL

  3. Your pelargoniums are such beautiful rich colors!! The variegated leaves on the 4th one down are so pretty! I have tried to overwinter a few plants in my basement, but they don't always look very good when I bring them back outdoors in the spring.

  4. I have never seen pelargoniums that colour. How wonderful.

  5. Hoi Baukje,
    Wat een mooie kleuren.
    Zou graag een plantje willen.
    Groetjes Jolien