dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

Shopping in Paris 3: more addresses

After having lunch our ways parted for some hours. Lucy went to her favorite shops,  cooking shops  of cours!!
This picture you can find on the site of Dehellerin. They " distributes high quality kitchen and pastry utensils for the professional as well as the hobby cooker". 
The address: 18 et 20 rue Coquillière .

Another shop she visited was Mora, a very old shop, they already started in 1814!
Address: 13 rue Montmartre. 

And of course she went to Detou,  58 rue Tiquetonne. Here you will find a large choice of baking supplies like candied violets, real good coffee essence (and a lot of other essences!), extensive varitity of chocolates. They say:"here you will start becoming a baker".

And where did I go, not difficult to guess. I went to Inès, 37 rue ST Ambroise, a beautiful quiltshop not far from our restaurant.

I stayed about an hour and left with this:
Some Japanese fabric, one FQ of Aboriginal fabric, some reds, of course, and some blues.

Tomorrow part 4 of our Paris shopping.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Baukje, ik geniet me suf van al die verhalen over Parijs. Heb alleen dan naderhand last van heimwee. Ik wil ook!! LOL
    Dehillerin is ook een favo-winkel van mij en mijn DH en ja, die quiltwinkel, precies wat je zegt...GEVAARLIJK. Ik kom altijd met een berg stof naar buiten. Gelukkig vindt mijn echtgenoot het daar ook leuk en remt hij me niet af als ik (weer) iets moois zie.


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I came to your blog via Hawyhorne Threads, she is a good friend of mine. Anything you have got to tell about Paris I want to hear! Are you still there?

  3. The fabrics you picked up are so pretty. I like your aboriginal fabric. I have some similar fabric that a friend in Australia sent to me a while back.
    I wish some of those copper pans were in my kitchen! Wow, Candied violets... I can just imagine how beautiful those would be on a cake.