vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Shopping in Paris 4: the last addresses

After having visited our favorite shops, we met again for  glass of white wine on the Place de la Bastille.
We were already a bit tired our feet were protesting... So we took the metro to Porte d'Ivry in the 13th arrondissement. this is the Chinese, asiatic quarter.
If you want to buy some asiatic food, there are a lot of shops here. I prefer Tang Frères. It's like a Chinese market, the smell, the products, the personeel. Everything is VERY asiatic here and it's a very cheap shop!
As soon as we entered  the smell of the Durian fruit struck upon us. I have never eaten them, they say this fruit is very healthy but the awful smell.......

I look a bit tired here....

On the square in front of the shop you can buy delicious 'sandwich poulet citron' (chicken citron ). On the other side of the street there is a sandwicherie with a great choice of asiatic food. 

And on our way back in the train, guess what I did.........
Of course I was crafting, paper piecing is so easy to do wherever you are!

We had a perfect day in Paris but we could not visit all the shops which were on our list.
Therefore I give you some more addresses , maybe you go to Paris soon.

L'Empire du Thé, 101 Avenue d'Ivry (13th, metro Place d'Italie); there are a lot of shops where you can buy tea,I prefer this shop. The atmosphere is so quiet, so calm, so Zen. You can feel there the japanese tea-culture. they also sell Japanese tea-cups .

Le THé Bleu, 15 rue Linné (5th arrondissement, metro Jussieu). Beautiful shop with kimonos, tea-cups, small presents, not too expensive,.

Librairie JUNKU, 18 rue des pyramides (1th , metro Pyramides) . Japanese craftbooks, a very 'dangerous' shop for me. 

Sabah oriental, 140 Rue faubourg St Antoine (11th , metro Ledru Rollin): North African spices, dried fruits, loukoum, everything you need for the north -african kitchen. rather cheep. 

Marché Alligre,( 11th, metro Ledru Rollin) every morning there is a fruit and vegetable market and also fleemarket! 

Sadaharu Aoki, 3 shops in Paris. Japanese patissier, very exclusive and a bit expensive;....

Poilane,  8 Rue du Cherche-Midi (6th, metro Sèvres Babylone), the famous bakery. 

Salon de Thé Angelina, 226 Rue de Rivoli (1th, metro Concorde), you can find here the real paris lady drinking her coffee with a delicious and expensive 'gateau'. Try the 'Mont Blanc' gateau, so sweet, so delicious, so divine!!!

Bon Marché, 24 Rue des Sèvres( 6th, metro Sèvres Babylone), on the third floor you can find Rowan yarn, NORO, Debbie Bliss.

La Droguerie,9-11, Rue du Jour (1th , metro les Halles). Yarn and buttons, beautiful buttons!!

Marché St Pierre, fabric shop, 2 Rue Charles Nodier ( 18th , metro Barbès Rochechouart). and on the other side of the street there is a very good Mercerie. 

Mokuba,18 Rue Montmartre (2th ,metro les Halles): ribbons and more ribbons......

Happy shopping in Paris!!

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  1. Zus Inge is al een paar keer in Parijs geweest en heeft altijd hele enthousiaste verhalen. Het ziet er in ieder geval heel gezellig uit. fijn weekend. Groetjes, Erna

  2. It all sounds so wonderful. Ribbons, buttons, pastries :-) I have never seen that fruit before.

  3. I wonder if I will ever get the opportunity to go shopping in Paris - I've loved accompanying you and your friends Baukje!