donderdag 1 december 2011

Antique doll quilts

Last weeks I bought some antique/vintage doll quilts. I did not want to pay the expensive so they are not perfect at all. But each of them had something that touched me, in someway or another.
They were all bought in the United States and came from estate sales.

I don't know how old this doll quilt is.... There is a backing but no binding, all done by hand. The pattern is something between a one-patch and a crazy quilt. I love the fabric choice and the primitive impression of the quilt. The fabric is coton, flanel and satin.

I bought this embroidery doll quilt because the embroidered images are a strange combinations, most embroidered quilts have one theme : nursery rhymes, animals or Suebonnet Sue's.
This one is a combination of several; two animals , two Suebonnet's and two images of traditional Dutch

I was touched by this traditional Dutch farmer's wife with tulips in her hands. Someone in the States embroidered this. Did she have Dutch grandparents or was she Dutch herself?

To be continued....

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