maandag 30 november 2009

Handmade presents for Christmas and Sinterklaas 5

Some more ideas.......

My friend Lucienne made this, you can buy the pattern here

These beautiful roses are made of old sweaters, here is the tuto.

Do you want to give your dog a handmade present?  Look at the item 'woof & meow', at this site.


zaterdag 28 november 2009

Plant exchange

Last week our gardener club had his annual plant exchange. There were about 200 plants , grown by the members of the club. And of course, at noon there was a meal!

donderdag 26 november 2009

More bags for the shop

This week I made more bags for the shop.
A house-bag for children.

Another child bag: a small shopper with pom poms.

And a big shopper, with a large zipper pocket inside

dinsdag 24 november 2009


I'll participate in the Giveaway-Day . Here you can read more about this blogger's day.
Maybe you also want to participate?

maandag 23 november 2009

Handmade presents for Christmas and Sinterklaas 4

I found more ideas-

The tuto of these flowers is here
I love this doll, the tuto is here.

I love this heart for the idea that is behind. You van find it here.

zondag 22 november 2009

Ready for winter

This week the neighbor came with a bale of straw for the donkeys. He also brought  some black gravel  because of the mud before there stable.  Now , winter and rain can come…….

zaterdag 21 november 2009

Angels for Christmas

This week we had a meeting of our gardeners club. We started making decorations for Christmas. Here are some angels we made.

Photos : Alain Durand

vrijdag 20 november 2009

Shop update

For the shop I made this small backpack for children .(sold)

I also made some baby bootees
The booties pattern is from Saartje de Bruijn, she gave me permission to sell the bootees and asked me to give 10% of the sold booties to UNICEF.

Photos: Alain Durand

woensdag 18 november 2009

Handmade presents for Christmas and Sinterklaas 3

Today I have some Christmas tree patterns for you .

The crochet pattern is here

A tree you could make with different fabrics, here is the pattern.

Here you can find ten alternative Christmas trees.

To be continued.

zondag 15 november 2009

Handmade presents for Christmas and Sinterklaas 2

More ideas!
You can buy the pattern here. But I think  you also can make them without pattern.

A bird mobile.... tuto here.

Pom pom flowers, tuto here

To be continued.

zaterdag 14 november 2009

Handmade presents for Christmas and Sinterklaas 1

Do you want to make home-made presents this year?  Here are some ideas.

The tutorial of these birds is here.

Here you can find how to make this cute little mouse in his bed.

Lovely hearts, the tuto is here.

These cute little baby shoes,you can find here

Happy crafting. To be continued..

vrijdag 13 november 2009

My knittted dresses

Today Constança de Saidos da Concha showed on her blog photos of the clothes she wore when she was a young child. She invited other bloggers to do the same.
So here are the clothes, knitted by my mother, that I wore:

When I was a baby, I already wore a knitted dress.(1947)

With my younger brother.

Again, all our clothes were knitted.

Even as a schoolgirl, I had a knitted dress.

donderdag 12 november 2009


You can find a lot of sewing tips on the site of Keyka Lou . She also makes and sell bagpatterns, they are very well written! Today I found these mushrooms, I like them.

These mushrooms have been sewn from eco-felt which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.You can find them here

These are wool felted mushrooms.You can buy them here.

maandag 9 november 2009

More bags

Yesterday I made more bags for the shop.