zondag 27 december 2015

May I present you........

May i present you the mice family. When I saw Finnegan on Sandra's blog i was in love and i wanted to make him.
But as usual when i make something i want to make more than one......
So i made a whole family, here they are.

As you can see father has put on his new scarf and is almost leaving for the pub.....

Mother asks him to stay.... why do you always go to the pub on saturday.....

But father is a very macho mouse, he wants to drink something with his mouse friends....
So even on saturday evening mother is alone at home...
The little one does not like his parents arguing again, he also feels alone....

They were, all three, sold at the Christmas market, seperately.
Maybe not too bad, there family life was not happy at all......

vrijdag 18 december 2015

When we were in Pélussin

When we were in Pélussin we , of course, visited the beautiful region  of the Parc du Pilat.

IN Pélussin there was an old sequioa tree covered with craft creations. 

Weather was not so good, rainy and windy, but we had a fabulous trip.

And a big thanks to all your best wishes for the Christmas market. They really were helpful, weather was beautiful, there were lots of visitors and we (me also) sold a lot! 

zaterdag 12 december 2015

What I made for the Christmas market

Warning....... lots of pictures!

Several different eco printed pouches

Three sloughy hats

Some dolls, the pattern is from While she naps.

Different bags, i only show you two, i made ten....

Bags for children, I made 15

I knitted two lefties, a blue one and a purple one

I made three free form crochet brooches, another one in red/purple and one in teal

And i made lots of more things, in all 150.
The market is tomorrow, wish me luck!!!!!!!