zondag 24 juni 2012

More finished projects

Some months ago my French neighbor asked me if i would make a bag for her mother. She bought one of my bags about two years ago and she wants a new one. I hesitated because I don't want to make any orders for bags, I only want to make bags for ME. But at the end I said :yes, okay I will do it.  Finally this week I finished the bag,  my neighbors mother is very happy with the result.

In oktober last year, when I went to Paris by train, I started this small nine-patch quilt. From time to time I made some squares, when I was in Nantes again some squares, but all those small paper piecing squares stayed for months in a pouch. This week I finished the small quilt.
It's difficult to make a good picture.... 

I made this pouch with some squares  that I had left .

I started working on Quilt mystery block 3 from Yoko Saito, I love it..... 

donderdag 21 juni 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that

I started this week to finish some UFO's. The house doll quilt was still waiting to be finished, I quilted the borders and here it is....

I made some more pictures of the  beautiful silk scarf that i made for Bette. I surely will make more scarfs, I ordered silk in blue, earth colors, blue/green and yellow/green.

And some gardenpictures. Two pillars with a lot of  clematisflowers...

The old French rose Ferdinand Pichard (1921)  is so gorgeous this year....

Happy crafting! More finished UFO's later this week!

vrijdag 15 juni 2012

A silk scarf and some garden pictures

When I was in Holland I had an appointment with Bette, my sister in law. She loved the present I made for her. I bought a scrap bag with vintage kimono silk, the color was lavender/grey/light purple. Just Bette's colors.

Some garden pictures: the rose Nevada was in full bloom for some weeks. 

Some poppies (pavot orientale)

This weekend family from Holland is coming to visit me so no time for blogging and visiting you. See you thursday..


dinsdag 5 juni 2012

I am working on too many projects.....

There are too many Ufo's laying around in my sewing room, I don't like that, it's not good for my concentration!
This nine-patck doll quilt i started half a year ago . I'll use  Denise Schmidt fabric and Kona solid.

Last week I started this small quilt. I bought the kit on Etsy. The mother of the person who sold the kit was in the nineteenth on a trip in Amsterdam and she bought the kit at den Haan en Wagemakers , they are well known for their Dutch reproduction fabrics. 

And there is waiting this Japanese logcabin quilt. I already started quilting.

Over a chair is hanging my reproduction poststampquilt but I think this one has to wait till cooler weather.

 I started a new appliquequilt, a Yoko Saito pattern, I finished three blocks, will show my creations soon. I saw the finished quilt in Nantes, beautiful, my fabric choice is more vibrant, I use alot of vintage kimono fabric. This is the finished quilt in Nantes.

And there is block 3 of the Yoko Saito mystery quilt waiting for me. But first I need to buy the background. Thursday I go to Holland for a weekend and I'll buy the background in Rotterdam. 
I go with my friend Lucy in her car. Do you remember who she is? She is the one who makes excellent  chocolates. At the moment she is experimenting with cake decoration.....

Th crown on top is made with chocolate...
INside was cream with amaretto , an Italien almond liqueur.

vrijdag 1 juni 2012

The presents I've got in Orvieto

One of the girls in our group gave me this beautiful, delicate bracelet. Before coming to the class in Orvieto, she made a trip from Pisa through the Italien countryside, she bought the bracelet in Luca.

And Mary also brought me presents. She was in our group last year and this year she made a trip in Italy with her Jim. It was so good to see her again. She made me a lovely pouch with fabric that she got
 from Lynn, another member of the last year group.

Look at the other things she made from this fabric...

Last year Lynn was so inspired by all the poppies you see in Italy, you really see them everywhere with their bright red colors.
Back home in the U.S she created UMBRIAN FIELDS, patterns with kits in the colors that reminds her of Italy. Thereis a wall hanging, a book cover, a needle case and a market tote with this design. You can find her patterns and kits here (her site is not up to date but you can mail her if you are interested)
Mary had a present for me from Lynn, some patterns and a bundle of fabric all from her Umbrian Fields line.