zaterdag 30 november 2013

Some Christmas decorations and a bag

I found the pattern for these cute angels here, it was a great pleasure to embellish them. I started to make three but could not stop after these three, there are still waiting five to finish......Do you like them?

I also made some hearts .

This fabric has been used already for a bag for Sylviane, I still love the fall colors, perfect for this season. 
It is a perfect bag to go to the boulangerie (bakershop) to buy a baguette(French bread).

woensdag 27 november 2013

What I bought in Paris

I showed you my favorite fabric shops in paris . At Dreyfus I bought some beautiful fabric for cushion covers.

I made another two with fabric from my stash.

They are all for the market. I am still very busy making small Christmas decorations for the market.

zondag 17 november 2013

I was in Paris for a one-day visit

I visited two exhibitions. my first visit was an exhibition of Outsider Art in the Halle St Pierre. Eighty artists from Europe, America, Africa, India and Japan have been brought together to illustrate the purest and most direct form of artistic creation, the most inventive forms of contemporary folk art.
I only could make these two pictures.

On the quai  near the Tour Eiffel there was a photo exhibion with amazing pictures....

People were asked to put put everything outside that was in their house

And of course I visited some fabricshops, of course. near the Hall St Pierre is my favorite mercerie .

Where ever you look you see fabric in this neighborhood. My favorite shops are Dreyfus and Reine.

maandag 11 november 2013

Two weeks ago I was at the wool festival in Felletin, France

I was a bit disappointed because there were a lot of stalls with wool creations: hats, woven scarfs, garments, more hats and bags and jewelry. 
And of course a lot of raw wool for spinning or felting. But i knew that there should be a stall with Renaissance Dying yarn . They handdye there yarn with plants, I already bought some online, very soft and beautiful colors.
I admired their yarn, spoke to to the sweet owners and bought a kit of the Bohemian rhapsody scarf/wrap.

I already looked at the scarf on their site but when I touched it and saw the real colors I could not resist. There are 75 colors in the scarf, the yarn is a thin merino wool. 
And of corse I started imediately.......

I also bought one of these needle felted birds and the two mice.

Here are some more pictures of the stalls.

Andy of renaissance Dying.

maandag 4 november 2013

Three knitted friends

I knitted these three friends with Annita' s patterns, I already told you before that i really adore these patterns. They are a pleasure to knit, so well written and with lots of pictures I can recommend her to you, the patterns are also availably in English.
I knitted them for the Christmas market.