maandag 31 augustus 2015

Eco bundles and how you could use the eco dyed fabric

Some of you asked in my last post which were my projects with all those small and bigger pieces of eco dyed fabric.
Here are some examples.

A cushion cover.

a bag for the christmas market

the back

another bag

the back

I even used the fabric with no good prints and i am very glad with the results!

zaterdag 22 augustus 2015

More eco bundles

In my last eco dyeing post i told you that there were already new bundles in the jars.
They stayed two weeks in the jars for some solar dyeing; Weather was hot and sunny, a real heat-wave.
After those two weeks the bundles were steamed for two hours, in the dyepot war rain water with some rust water. When i lo oked at the bundles after half an hour,  i got a fright! All the bundles turned black! So i threw away the rustwater and changed it for only rain water.
I opened the bundles after one week...... yes ,I know 'time is your friend', but i could not wait longer.
Eco dyeing is so magic and i am so happy with the results!

These are laurel leaves from my garden. The fabric is silk/wool blend , mordant with Crème de tartre and alum.The bundle was wrapped round a copper pipe and before steaming,  two weeks in a jar with some logwood.

Leaves from the Rhus tree; the ordinary one that everybody in Holland and in France has in her garden.
The fabric is a silk, wool blend. The bundle was wrapped round some wood and for two weeks in dried hibiscus flower dye jar.

Eucalyptus perriniana leaves , my friend Natacha has not only 350 fruit trees , but also some eucalyptus trees. The bundle was wrapped around wood and for two weeks in a jar with some, already used, rhubarb roots.

These leaves i found in a village nearby , i don't know the name of the tree. The bundle was wrapped around a piece of rust and for two weeks in a jar with dried hibiscus flowers. 

In the same village i found these leaves, wrapped around wood and in a jar with some lac.

The same eucalyptus leaves , wrapped around wood and the for two weeks in a used madder jar.

And of course there also were bundles with almost no print or only some colored spots. With eco dyeing you need to do lots of experiments. and you shall be disappointed several times; 
But eco dyeing is MAGIC and I am already addicted.......

maandag 10 augustus 2015