donderdag 31 oktober 2013

A shawl for me and one for the market

I knitted the Shaelyn shawl with Tayo sockyarn in warm fallcolors. I did not block the shawl, it is big enough for me. You can buy the pattern on Ravelry.

The pattern for the other shawl is very easy and I knitted it several times before, the yarn is a wool/viscose blend in a soft blue color. I made this one for the market

maandag 28 oktober 2013

A cute idea to craft with children .... Make a colorful garland

This is a n easy and cute craft to do with your children, they will love playing with water and soap and see the wool transforme into small balls. You only need water, soap, wool for felting, glue and some acron caps and some cotton to crochet the garland. 
I made this for the Christmas market. 

woensdag 23 oktober 2013

zondag 20 oktober 2013


I was rather tired when i came back from Italy and then there were the apples.

Apples everywhere, so it was time to make an appointment for the apple- juice maker. I grabbed 200 kilo's of apples.

Yesterday we went to make the juice. The car smelled delicious with all those fruits.

First the apples are washed.

Then pressed and this 'carpet´ of apple parings is the result.

And then the juice ....

The juice is pasteurized and  keeps quality for years. The association where we went making the juice is a club of volunteers. There intention is to save old fruittree varieties from the region. 

So you need to fill the bottles yourself .

We came home with 130 liters of applejuice and the trees are still loaded with apples....

And did i craft these last two weeks? Yes , of course i did, my Orvieto project is almost finished and i am busy working for the Christmas market.

I will show soon the results.....

zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

Orvieto Italy, the last day

I came home yesterday night, it was a fantastic trip.The group was great and we all worked really hard .I thank you all for the nice comments you met on my Orvieto posts. It was a pleasure to make them, like making a diary...... 

I want to share with you last pictures of doors in Orvieto and some of the market.

At the end of the week i signed up for next year!!!!!!!

This week i will read your blogs and take a rest....

This week

Orvieto Italy day 7

On friday was the last day of the Sue Spargo workshop. We stitched all day.

I did not finish my work, i need to do more embellishments on the birds but so far i am really glad with what i made this week.

Here we are together.... Just before our last dinner.

Orvieto Italy day 6 

On thursday we visited a vineyard, i forgot my camera so no pictures. These days are so busy there was so little time for blogging. 

Today i want to show more of the convent. Instituto San Lodovico is a large,old palace that has served as a convent, a school and now is a Bed and Breakfast run by three nuns.

Parts of the building date to the early 14 th century. There are remnants of frescoes from this period. One that is said to have been done by Michelangelo when he visited Orvieto on his way to Rome to paint the Sistine Chapel.

The courtyard

The garden

These three frescoes are in the breakfastroom.

They think this one is made by Michelangelo.

These old statues were in the room with the frescoes.

My room was next to the old ballroom

The beautiful staircase

donderdag 3 oktober 2013

Orvieto Italy day 5

Yesterday it was stitching day, no catherdral or museum, only stitching and picknick in the courtyard.

You can see how the backgrounds came to life. 

Conny is inspired by all the beautiful leather bags you can buy here.

Sue and she are discussing how to embellish the bags...

Kathy wanted to do something with the Vespa scooters. She started too small.

This is what she did yesterday.

My roofs are coming to life too.

Kim was inspired by adesign on the pottery we saw on tuesday.

Today it is marketday . We are going to shop for the picknick,so we need to talk a bit Italien...