donderdag 29 januari 2015

Back to normal?

IS it possible to go back to normal after the 7th of january?
I was in Paris a week after the murders , the banners and flags were still hanging at the statue on the Place de la Republique. Everywhere were flyers with 'je suis charlie'.
In the metro i was looking at people while thinking : are you Charlie or are you not Charlie.....
I heard on the radio that teachers have l problems to talk to children who said: 8 murders was not necessary but Charb needed to be killed because he insulted Mahomed.....
I think we have to live with these problems.....

I'll show you a logcabin quilt which i made last winter and finished quilting these days.
I used old and new Dutch traditional costume fabric from MarKen, Staphorst, Scheveningen ,Bunschoten, Spakenburg and Zeeland. The quilt is for Thom, he choose the blues and because I also had lots of reds, i used reds with blues to make a nice border.

I quilted a pencil ,  I saw the idea on the blog 'Crayon and Pencil', she wrote:

For the unspeakable and to remember
Let our needles go
Reaction to what happened these last days, against obscurantism of any form
But also for girls to go to school everywhere in the world.....
Let us sew, embroider, quilt a pencil on each work this year.

woensdag 7 januari 2015