zondag 30 september 2012

woensdag 26 september 2012

Beautiful Noro yarn in fall colors

These days I had some problems with internet connection,I hope that they are solved now......

What did I craft these days that I was absent from my blog....
I am still working on the fifth block of the Yoko Saito Quiltmystery, I hope to finish it in some days.
And to have a break from Yoko I started to make stars. I'll soon tell you more about this project .

Yesterday in the mail was this beautiful Noro yarn in fall colors. It is Taiyo sock yarn with wool, cotton nylon and silk!

When I was in Italy in may this year, Kristi was knitting a shawl with this yarn.  I tried to find it in Europe but this special colorcombination was not available her.  What a great surprise to find the yarn in the mailbox. Kristi send the yarn from Orvieto where she was with  Bill, her husband, to organize Adventures in Itay weeks 
Thanks a lot Kristi!!!! I will knit this free pattern with the yarn.

dinsdag 18 september 2012

Annabelle is so cute....

When I saw her on Michelle's blog I immediately was in love with Annabelle!

 And I am not the only one. Michelle was asked several times for the different designs.This week she has set up a special blog for the designs  If you are interested in obtaining her Annabelle designs, send her an email that you want to be invited to the special blog....

I think of making a book with Annabelle's adventures, or some small quilts. What do you think?

The pictures are from Michele's blog.

donderdag 13 september 2012

Marie Claire Idées

I bought some old 'Marie Claire Idées' magazines.  It's a magazine with a lot of idees to decorate your home, to make handmade presents, to knit, to crochet........
I'll show you some.....
These colorful pillow covers are made from crocheted squares and triangles, sewed together and then there were sewed  circles or flowers on it. I think even without pattern this is easy to make .

Do ou have an old tablecloth that you don't like anymore, sew some yo-yo's or crocheted flowers along  the bottom .....

These decorations are easy to make, you could use  all kinds of paper  (I made some with origami paper) . You put several papers together as much as your sewing machine can handle , you draw the form you want and then sew in the middle , cut on the drawing lines and glue a thread in between and........finished. If your sewing machine cannot handle a lot of paper, you make two and glue them together.
Very nice in the christmastree or as an anniversary garland!

zondag 9 september 2012

What did I buy when I was in Holland?

I was off to Holland for ten days, that's why I did not visit your blogs and did not post on my blog..
Besides family and friends I visited some quiltshops, of course..... I'll show you some pictures.
But first i want to show you a crochet plaid that I want to make.

 The pattern was in the French Marie Claire Idees of March this year. There was a beautiful, but rather expensive, kit available. I did not buy the kit but I bought on line at 'Marktplaats' ( a Dutch second hand site) a lot of small hanks of tapisserie yarn. I think this will be enough for the plaid....

In Tilburg I went to Dorry's small, but lovely shop  and I bought this fabric, all 50 % reduction.

Then I went to another small shop in Tilburg, serendipity, she sells a lot of Japanese fabric!
In Paris I visited Ines for some more Japanese fabric.....

I think that i have enough Japanese fabric for the moment!