dinsdag 28 mei 2013

donderdag 23 mei 2013

I made some bags

I am a bit absent from my blog these days. I don't know where my blogging mojo has gone.If you feel like me, maybe a visit to this site will help you to find it back....

Maybe it's the bad weather here in France, it's raining and raining and chilly and so on. Yesterday i was in Paris, only for a one day visit. Th sun was shining in Paris,  I drank my coffee and my glass of wine on a terrace outside ! It was so good to sit there outside,  enjoying the sun and the Paris atmosphere!

No blogging mojo but YES I was in the mood for sewing. I had a very successful motherday's market, I even sold some bags..... I wanted to do something with the flying geese pattern, so I made this shopper.

Another shopper with a logcabin pattern.

I Nantes I bought some beautiful japanese fabric for this shoulder bag.

Do you like them?

woensdag 15 mei 2013

I bought a Sophie Digard scarf in Nantes;

Do you know Sophie Digard? She is an artist who lives in Paris and creates beautiful  crochet scarves and bags . The patterns are very complicated, so many details, and made of handdyed merino wool and linen. For a scarf she often uses 60 different colors.

The entire collection is handmade by hundreds of local woman in Madagascar, using traditional techniques.
For the first time I saw her scarves in Nantes in the Selvedge booth. (Selvedge is a magazine for interiour and fashion designers)

Her scarves are a bit expensive so I did not buy one the first year and not the second year, but this year I could not resist this amazing crochet work.
So now I can say that I am the proud owner of a Sophie Digard scarf!!! Tadah.......

There are really tiny pompons and so many colors crocheted in a grey 'frame'. Its not easy to capture the colors and the small flowers but believe me the scarf is GORGEOUS.
On this site you could read more about Sophie Digard. The auther also did some research about the question if here work are fair Trade products. She found that sophie is client of a company that supports the  idea of humanitarian craft work.

Months ago i started to make my own Sophie scraf, crocheted with two threads of auriful wool and a 1,50 hook. I love the result and I 've got a lot of compliments in Nantes but the result has nothing to do with a real Sophie piece of art.

But I don't give up. I bought gorgeous, wool/silk thread here  , to crochet with hook 1,50 , so ....to be continued!

woensdag 8 mei 2013

Au revoir Nantes 4

I promised you more Di Ford quilt pictures . Here they are:

The center piece of her Phebe quilt, one of my favorites!

Look at the quilting, so beautiful!

I did a 'fussy cutting' class with Di Ford.  She was a very good and inspiring teacher.

Again a picture from Helen. Do you see Mary Koval on the left?

She showed us to look at fabric in this way. Quite an eye opener for me!
This was the quilt we were going to make in the class.

And the last one.... Di in her 'room' and behind her Ann's Legacy, Another of my favorite!

Finally spring arrived here in France! This is one of the apple trees in full bloom.

donderdag 2 mei 2013

Au revoir Nantes 3

Some more quilts to admire!!
This the Kaffe Fassett room, so colorful!

The Boro exposition:

Some Petra Prins quilts.

And now my favorite quilts, those from Di Ford. Some of you asked why i do not want to make a Dear Jane quilt. But I am really not inspired by all those different blocks. But the composition, the fabric use, the beautiful colors in the Di Ford quilts are for me .

And of course I bought her new book with all the patterns. For me the Phebe and Ann's legacy quilt are my favorites.

She signed it here....

Two pictures from the book.

More Di Ford in my next post.....