maandag 18 januari 2016

On the first day of Christmas........


On the first day of Christmas I made myself a new bag. For me this was more than playing with fabric to make a bag, it was a kind of sentimental journey!

The fabric I used for the bag came from Capsicum, a shop in Amsterdam which sells and creates fabulous handmade fabric, interior and fashion accessories.
Their products are hand-woven in  India.
“we strive to pay the worker a fair wage for his/her work and stimulate our producers to improve working conditions and develop environmentally friendly production processes”
 They also have a project to help street children of Delhi. 

 While I was at university in Amsterdam in ‘de Oude Manhuispoort’ which was almost next to the Capsicumshop, I visited them often. I still remember the opening of there shop in 1980. 
I was a ‘second chance’ student, already worked 13 years as a teacher before going to university. I got a bourse from the government so I needed to count my money often and I only bought at Capsicum when the fabric was on Sale. 

 I still have some tablecloths, a beautiful silk scarf and some Ikat fabric hanging on the wall in my sewing room.
I also still receive their newsletter the ‘Capsicum krant’, always a pleasure to read.
When I read that there was a small bag with 40 squares of fabric inside from the Capsicum collection from the past 40 years. I absolutely wanted them. 

 So this bag is made with 37 squares of fabric of 15 x 15 cm, i had some tiny scraps left and 3 whole squares.
There are lots and lots of seems, but I LOVE the result.  

zondag 10 januari 2016

I made myself a Sophie Digard scarf

The scarfs designed by Sophie digard are so elegant so precious, so many beautiful colors. On Pinterest you can find lots of pictures.  But they are expensive......  and for me they are a challenge.  why not try to make one myself?
i bought some colors of silk & wool cones in Felletin at the yarn festival and i ordered some more at Bart en Francis in Belgium.
And I started to experiment with form and color.
I made 368 small squares of 3 cm in three colors. I sewed them together and here is the scarf. it was very difficult to show the real colors, i think photo two is better than number one...

even the backside is beautiful

Proud with my handmade scarf. Weather changed here in France , it is cold and rainy.
I also made myself a new bag, very colorful..... SO be continued. 

zondag 3 januari 2016

For you

I wish you all a peaceful and healthy 2016.