zondag 19 februari 2012

My red and white applique quilt and..... 150 followers

I finished this small quilt and I am very satisfied with the result.
The quilt is called: Sawtooth and Cloverleaf, it is a reproduction of quilt made in 1890. 

The pattern is from this book.

There are so many beautiful  patterns for small quilts in this book, I'll show you some.Even the pictures in the book are lovely.

Did you notice that I have 150 followers now? And of course I will celebrate that with a giveaway.  I am thinking of a vintage giveaway. The thrift store 'Emmaüs' has a retro/vintage saturday the 10th of march. So you have to wait till then...... 

zaterdag 18 februari 2012

The Dutch boys are skating and hearts in the snow

I am a bit behind ..... Snow is already gone and in Holland skating is over.
But this picture of the skating 'boys' is such a lovely picture of the Dutch landscape with those beautiful windmills , I wanted to show it !!! And of course those brave man they skated with all the others 25 km that saturday afternoon. The 'boy' in the middle is my brother-in-law.

I made last weekend some felted hearts for my stall on the next summermarket in July. 
I used a lot of beads and charms.

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

Look what was in the mail.......a Dutch bag for a good cause and more......

I received this Dutch bag from Margot. She lives in Holland , is twelve years old and her mother is a cancer patient. Margot wants to collect money for the KWF, that's the Dutch Society for cancer relief.
If you donate 20 euro or more you may choose  one of the bags that Margo makes herself.

You can find more about Margo here. If you want to donate and you don't understand Dutch I can help you to translate...

I did a swap with Linda, I send her Dutch blue fabrics and she send me Japanese indigos. 
They are beautiful, thank you Linda!

And here is my Sew-mama-Sew's  giveaway prize from Jill . Pieces of Denyse Schmidt fabric some of them were  only printed for Australie. Thank you so much Jill!

maandag 13 februari 2012

Look what was in the mail.......a vintage pair of scissors and more....

I have so many things to show you!!!!

These beautiful crane fabrics are a present from Karen.

In her blogprofile you can read: Life can sometimes be a wrestling match between love and fear. We can CHOOSE which to embrace. When I read this for the first time I  immediately decided to became a follower!
In this  blogpost she gave a link to 'mending love' on Etsy.
When I saw the lovely small pair of scissors I WANTED one .
This is what I bought:
They were found on the bottom of a trunk at a estate sale. Can you imagine an old American woman having this pair of scissors tied to her apron...... they are still sharp.  

I bought these two books, they are very inspiring!

Tomorrow more 'mail news'.

vrijdag 10 februari 2012

It's VERY cold here in France

Already two weeks winter is here. And the temperatures are so low, -17 and -14 are normal these days.
Every morning I have to chop the ice in the donkey's watering-trough.

While walking with rosa I saw these hinds, beautiful!!!!

I think the 'live' there because you can see them almost every day......

maandag 6 februari 2012

Handmade hearts needed for a sick girl

In Holland there is a seven year old girl with a nephritic disease. She is gravely ill . A friend of her mother would make for her a valentine-heart garland and asks for hearts.  The hearts must not be wider that 10 cm, ( 4 inch).  i
So please make one heart for this child. I made three, here they are in the French snow!

If you want to participate you can mail me for the address.

zondag 5 februari 2012

Kalle and the bear

Do you remember the bear that I knitted for Kalle's the birthday?

Look at her face when she saw the bear........

The photo is not excellent at all but I wanted to show you her lovely face when she looked at her present.

woensdag 1 februari 2012

Japanese houses, houses from scraps and Rosa

I finished the first block of the Yoko Saito Quilt mystery. This was the first time I used Japanese woven fabric. I was afraid that applique wasn't easy because of the fraying.

But I found a very good tutorial about applique. (here is the tutorial) You iron the freezer templates on the right sight of your fabric and than you glue the seam allowance to the wrong site. It worked perfect even with difficult forms as the bird and the dog(I forgot to pin the dog because I am not quite satisfied with the lower part of this blog.)

And here are my 12 scraphouses, and because we finally had some snow i show them in the snow...

And yes i know there is one door missing I'll repair that, be sure.....

 Here is Rosa, she LOVES snow.