maandag 30 september 2013

Orvieto Italy day 3

This morning we went to the Duomo, beautiful and overwhelming. 

At lunchtime we had a meal prapared by the nuns, delicious.

And then .......stitching.We started working with background,Sue asked us to bring a FQ of felted wool in a neutral color and coordinated fabric for layers .So we started layering our background. This is Conny , working very concentrated.

And about four o'clock we went to the slow food palace for a wine tasting. And Gabriella not only let us taste the red and white wine from Orvieto but also some local food.... 

 And this day is not finished, we go to La Palermo for dinner.....

Life is good in Orvieto....

zondag 29 september 2013

Orvieto Italy day 2

This afternoon the Sue Spargo class will start with an introduction, yesterday Sue and her father arrived and also two ladies from the U S and one from Austarlie. We are waiting for some more. So today we had another day to do some sightseeing. Lizzie and me did a long walk around the rock on wich Orvieto is built.

Here are some pictures.

Weather was not so good, a bit rainy but not too cold. It was a beautiful walk....

zaterdag 28 september 2013

Orvieto italy day 1

Today was my first ady in the beautiful Orvieto. At breakfast this morning i met Lizzie from Australie, we spend all day rogether and she is not only a blogfriend now but much more. We talked as if we knew eachother for years. 

We went to the saturday market and walked through the small alleys of Orvieto. Come with me and enjoy....

This was our lunch, pizza with gorgonzola, pear and walnut...delicious!

See you tomorrow....

donderdag 26 september 2013

Ready for winter and I am off to orvieto Italy

Fall is in the air and everybody is preparing the wood for the stove. Here in the countryside most people only have a wood stove to warm their house in winter.

The donkeys are very curious..... and so is one of the hens.


Do you see the small mushrooms in the wood? 
Here you have a better look..

The crochet tutorial is here.

Tomorrow morning I'll take the train to the airport in Paris. I hope to arrive in Rome at about 16h00 o'clock, then another two trains and then I will see this  when I open the door of the convent....

And I am so glad that I'll  finally meet  my blogfriend Lizzie from Australie, she will also be there. 
I will take my Ipad with me so I promise you a lot of pictures and stories.

maandag 23 september 2013

Orvieto Italy day 6 the convent


We we so busy these last days with stitching and other activities , there was no time for blogging. everybody is gone now, i will leave tomorrow so today there is time to relax and do some shopping. On thursday we went to a vineyard, i forgot my camera so no pictures. I show you today some pictus of the convent.  Istituto San Lodovico is a large old palace that has served as a convent, a school and is now a Bed and Breakfast run by three nuns. Parts of the building date to as early as the 14th century. There are remnants of frescoes from the period, one that is said to have been done by Michelangelo when he visited on his way to Rome to paint the Sistine Chapel. 

My room is next to this gorgeous room, it was the ballroom in the castle, long ago.

The huge marble staircase.

The courtyard

The garden

These fresco's are in the room where we have breakfast.

These statues were in a corner in one of the rooms.

Another beautiful fresco.

vrijdag 20 september 2013

So sweet and so cute

When I was in Holand I saw these cute cards in a yarnshop. You could buy the kit with pattern and yarn, which was cotton perlé from DMC, there was also a hook in the kit, number 1,5.

I made them for the Christmas market, made 18 cards and I love them.

And I want to announce the winnerbof the pincushion Bloghop giveaway. 

Joke from is the winner, please send me your address and you will receive the fabric.

zondag 15 september 2013

Today it is my turn and a giveaway

Today it is my turn to show my contribution to the Pincushion Bloghop. Last days i visited all the other participants and i saw a lot of very creative and original pincushions.
I made four tiny pincushions , they were very easy and quick to make. i used plastic caps from milk containers then  glued felted wool at the bottom and around and decorated it with embroidery. A perfect tutorial to make these you could find on Vrooman's blog.
Tadahhhh here they are.

Which one do you like most? 

i want to thank Madam  Samm and Kristin to organise this  bloghop.

 I am making this post on my Ipad and I do not succeed to make a link, so for the today participants you have to go to my blogpost of last tuesday

And now the giveaway,  I recently bought some Fat Eights of Dressing Gowns, designed by Judie Rothermel.

I will give away 8 half Fat Eights , you only need to comment on this post. I will ship world wide, the winner will be chosen at the end of this bloghop. Be sure I can contact you.

Pfffffff,this was my first blogpost on my Ipad. Within two weeks I will be in Italy again, for the third time I will do an embroidery/ applique week with Sue Spargo in Orvieto. I want to be able to make blogpost from Iataly, so i need to do some exercise....

woensdag 11 september 2013

Pincushion Bloghop started yesterday ..... and I have my photo's back!

Do you like pincushions?  Yesterday started the Pincushion bloghop, I saw very original and lovely pincushions passing by yesterday.......
Next saturday it's my turn to show you what i made.
At the end of this post you will find the whole schedule .

And surprise, surprise I have my photo's back, don't ask me what i did but they are back.
Here is another photo of Keiko's shop, look at those gorgeous tote's.

The next two are made in the Ikat shop in the Marais.

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September 16
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maandag 9 september 2013

What I bought in Paris

When I was in Paris I visited the Japanese shop Kaetsu with the very symphatic owner Keiko. In her shop it's all color where ever you look. I lost some photos that I made with my Ipad, these two were the only I could save.......

As you can see she had a lot of fabric for sale. I bought only scraps for a new applique quilt;

These scarps I bought in the IKAT store, I made some lovely pictures in this store, but i also lost them......

These came from Keatsu store, aren't they gorgeous? 
I will be back tomorrow because then will start the pincushion bloghop!!