vrijdag 27 april 2012

More pictures from Nantes and the KITCHEN arrived

This week the kitchen arrived so more mess in this small house!! But it was worth it.  There is still some work to do... The tiles and the painting of the door and the window and the doorknobs are the wrong ones so the door has to be replaced, but so far I LOVE this yellow kitchen.
Tadatada......., here is my new yellow kitchen:

And I promised you some more pictures from Nantes.
Another cute tea cosy.

And another one..., they are all created by Loani Prior.

Kathy Doughty from Material obsession was also in Nantes and she brought alot of quilts to show.

Two very colorful quilts from Kathy Doughty.

Linda Konig works with scraps . Her quilts are fabulous , all those small pieces.

Another Linda Konig.

I promise you to show you soon what I made and bought in Nantes!

zondag 22 april 2012

What I saw in NANTES

I came home friday , rather tired . The days in Nantes were so nice and so full with beautiful quilts, fabric and new experiences.
I'll show you some things, enjoy!
A beautiful reproduction quilt in Petra Prins' stall.

A silk embroidered antique quilt .

Very cute knitted tea cosies.

The very detailed and lovely applique work made by Reiko Kato.

Another Reiko Kato.

To be continued.....

maandag 16 april 2012

I am off to Nantes............ and a woolapplique bag

Tomorrow I take the train to Nantes to the craft fair:  'Pour l'amour du Fil'.
I'll stay two days, wednesday I'll follow  this workshop and thursday I'll do this one
Maybe you remember that last year, I made this this backpack. I wanted to change it a bit and added a woolapplique with a lot of embroidery.
Do you like it?

zaterdag 14 april 2012

Do you also have a BERNINA?

I bought my BERNINA 440 QE about 2 years ago . I am very happy with her, but I don’t’ know about you but my straight stitching is not always perfect. And while machine piecing the stitching need to be straight and regularly, otherwise the quilt will be a mess…..
I started piecing with my patchwork foot number 37. This foot gives a perfect ¼ of an inch seam allowance but don’t prevent fabric of gliding.
After searching on the web for the solution I found that Bernina also has another patchwork foot, number 57. I immediately bought it and I can tell you that I am so happy with my new foot. It gives a perfect ¼ of an inch seam allowance and has a seam guide.

I started to make a poststampquilt with 3 inch squares, the measurement of the quilt shall be about 52 x 72 inch. It’s an easy-peasy work with this new foot.
I uses a lot of reproduction fabric :

And the kitchen???? It's still a camping here; take a look:

zaterdag 7 april 2012

My new embroidered scissor keepers

I am not blogging a lot these days. I bought a new kitchen (hurray, hurray) , that means that the old one had to be removed. So everything is in boxes and i am all the time searching for this or for that..... There is still a lot of work to do before the new kitchen can be placed on the 24th of april.
Here are some pictures:

I do not have the concentration to work on great projects, so I choose small ones, a green and a black embroidered scissor keeper. I bought the pattern on Etsy. 

maandag 2 april 2012

And the winner is......

And the winner of my giveaway is :

The handmaden, she gets the red package:

The other winner is:
The blue package is for Kirsty.
I will send them an email. Congratulations. And for all those who did not win this time. I am already planning another giveaway. .........