zondag 28 juli 2013

Brocante finds

Every saturday and sunday there are lots of brocantes/fleemarkets all around the area where I live. Last sunday.  I went to a big one, more than 130 stalls. It was terrible hot so I went early.

My first find was this cute owl, made with organic material.

I saw someone working on her spinning wheel,  not usual here in France....it was a Dutch woman!
She sold her handwoven kitchen towels and scarfs. I could not resist and bought Three kitchen towels, so soft and so beautiful. The white one is cotton with linen.
Here she is:

And these are the towels:

These are small envelopes to hold your napkin, very vintage. each member of the family had his one napkin holder.

Some embroidered  handkerchiefs

A beautiful table center, I don't know if it is crocheted, the stitches are so delicate....  

And a dollie in the same technique

On Conny's blog I saw that she bought an old iron. I already saw on other blogs that it's perfect to keep your applique work in place, while working, so when I saw this beautiful decorated one for 2 euro, it was mine!
The yellow jug is exactly the color of my new kitchen.  The other jug is an old one, which you see often on fleemarkets.

donderdag 18 juli 2013

Do you know this bird......and a bit of this and of that.

Last week in the evening while taking our dinner there was this bird sitting in the field about two meters from the house. It's the hop (upupa epops),    when he is singing you hear hup-hup-hup. On this blog I found these beautiful photo's from the hup.

More common here are the swallows, this year again making their  nest in the barn. yesterday the four little ones were flying in the courtyard. On these photo's they are already very curious....

And is there some quilting news over here? Yes there is.....the flower Bouquet top is finished and I am quilting it in the shadow. Here is a sneak peek.....

woensdag 10 juli 2013

Floral Bouquet quilt, 2 more blocks ready

Weather is so beautiful here in the center of France. It's too hot to work in the attic where I have my sewing machine. So I am doing some applique work in the shadow of the tree. I started this Floral Bouquet quilt last year after I saw the quilt hanging in Nantes.
In this post you can find the 6 blocks that I already finished.


zondag 7 juli 2013

Hay making

A friend came to help us with the hay making.  His material is very old, from his father or even his grandfather, I like it this way......The hay will be the winter food for the donkeys.

Enjoy the summer weather!

woensdag 3 juli 2013

My mother's recipe books and my fathers' flowers

My mother was a very good crafter but also a good baker, while my father was a nursery man. Both do not live anymore but I have some precious reminders  ........
When I emptied the living room for the painter, I found on my bookshelf some recipe books which were my mothers.  I think some of my Dutch readers will recognize them.

My father had, when he was retired, a vegetable garden, where he grew also some traditional flowers.
These 'duizendschonen' (dianthus barbatus) were sowed with seeds, he gave me. 

maandag 1 juli 2013

Yoko Saito Quilt Mystery FINISHED

This week I finished my quilt. It's hanging above the couch on the new painted wall.

Last week the livingroom has been painted! I lived in my small kitchen together with my black labrador for some days. The room was not repainted for 13 years so there was a lot of work to do. 
Fortunately it was not me who painted because the result should not be the same. 
Thank you Pete for the excellent work!
This was how it looked like. while he was working.....