zondag 29 juli 2012

I made an African Flower bag

I already told you that I am crocheting. While surfing on the web I found the African Flower hexagon tutorial. Easy peasy.... I made a basket with yarn from my stash in my favorite colors and I started to crochet

I crocheted 28 flowers, sewed them together and made this bag... 

I wanted Rosa to be my model.

I made some pictures and suddenly she thought: I am not a model... I am a dog and I want to play.

She loved playing with my new bag!!!  After some minutes I succeeded to have my bag back without damage!

dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Do you know Theodora?

Some weeks ago Evelyne, a Dutch blogfriend who also lives in France, asked on her blog if somebody would knit for her Theodora.
Theodora is a doll created by Hélène Magnusson, an Island knitter.
And because  I Love knitting, I said : yes I do it.
Here is my Theodora, she does not have her face yet. I asked Evelyne to do that herself, a face expression is so personal....

If you want to see Theodora in her new home, go to Evelyne's blog.

And look what Evelyne made for me in exchange.......

She embroidered for me these three beautiful hearts .
I am very happy with this swap!

zaterdag 21 juli 2012

woensdag 18 juli 2012

SUMMER is back....and I am afraid I'll become a crochet addict!

ON Ravelry i saw this pattern. It's an 8 petal hexagon- to- square variation of the African Flower hexagon.  I loved it , so I bought some yarn (yes I know I still have quite a stash!!!) and started. The yarn is so soft and has such softy colors, it's  dyed by hand with plants,  by Renaissance Dyeing.
A made a pillow cover with 18 squares.

And SUMMER is back, today there was only blue in the sky!! I made a picture of my montbretzia's, they are so vibrant red.

vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Today it was raining cats and dogs.....

Even in the center of France this is a very strange summer. Today it was raining the whole day. Weather is really horrible, no sun and a lot of wind. Good weather to craft but I prefer crafting outside, in the shadow of the tree, hearing the birds singing....
These gardenpictures were made two weeks ago by a friend from Holland. (thank you Jan).

Here I am with the two donkeys.

donderdag 5 juli 2012

Tadatada........ I finished another UFO.

I finished this logcabin quilt, it's machine pieced and handquilted. The fabric is japanese kimonofabric and the center squares are vintage kimono silk!

Today the new Quiltmania arrived and look at block 4 of the Yoko Saito mystery, isn't it lovely?

zondag 1 juli 2012