dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Do you know Theodora?

Some weeks ago Evelyne, a Dutch blogfriend who also lives in France, asked on her blog if somebody would knit for her Theodora.
Theodora is a doll created by Hélène Magnusson, an Island knitter.
And because  I Love knitting, I said : yes I do it.
Here is my Theodora, she does not have her face yet. I asked Evelyne to do that herself, a face expression is so personal....

If you want to see Theodora in her new home, go to Evelyne's blog.

And look what Evelyne made for me in exchange.......

She embroidered for me these three beautiful hearts .
I am very happy with this swap!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I am not sure who got the better swap!!!

  2. Ha, Baukje wat zit ze stoer op je vensterbank en je stoel!
    Wat is ze leuk hè!
    Bedankt nogmaals, dat je haar hebt willen breien.

    lieve groetjes, Evelyne

  3. She is a very sweet dolly! And both of you gals are very talented!

  4. Wat een gave pop en wat lief dat je die voor Evelyne wilde breien. De harten die je van haar kreeg zijn ook prachtig.

  5. You both made out like bandits! The hearts are beautiful and delicate as is the outfit for Theodora. Trades are wonderful aren't they?

  6. Theodora is delightful. You do such beautiful work. The embroidered hearts she made you are lovely. What a nice exchange you two had.

  7. I'd be VERY happy with either swap prize - both a so good. Theodora is so sweet - she'd make a perfect Christmas angel don't you think? Just add wings. And those embroidered hearts are just so pretty.