woensdag 18 juli 2012

SUMMER is back....and I am afraid I'll become a crochet addict!

ON Ravelry i saw this pattern. It's an 8 petal hexagon- to- square variation of the African Flower hexagon.  I loved it , so I bought some yarn (yes I know I still have quite a stash!!!) and started. The yarn is so soft and has such softy colors, it's  dyed by hand with plants,  by Renaissance Dyeing.
A made a pillow cover with 18 squares.

And SUMMER is back, today there was only blue in the sky!! I made a picture of my montbretzia's, they are so vibrant red.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Is this what those beautiful crochet squares you were working on in Italy turned into? PERFECT!!!

  2. Your pillow is exquisite! Yes, crocheting is definitely addictive.
    Looks like you turned your time in Italy into creative time at home. Just love those flowers too.

  3. Nou dat is toevallig, ik ben ook aan de haak. Ik heb net een poppendekentje klaar voor Juliette mijn kleindochter die van de week komt.
    Ik heb gelezen over deze plantaardig geverfde wol. Prachtige kleuren!
    Leuk kussen is het geworden.

    Lieve groetjes, Evelyne

  4. Your crocheted pillow is gorgeous!! The plant dyed yarns are really lovely.