maandag 27 juni 2011

More work in progress

Last week in the mail was block 6 of the Sue Spargo BOM, while block 4 and 5 were still in the envelope.....  So I started this weekend to appliqué lock 4 and 5. I am working now on block 6. After the appliqué work I' ll start the embellishments.

And of course I knitted a bit, I am halfway the body of the Cladonia shawl. I use lime green and light brown 100% pure Alpaca . 

And i am crocheting cute flowers for the summermarket. I ran out of yarn, (I use embroidery thread perlé 5 and 8) so i could nor finish. I'll make scissor keepers and keyholders or even brooches with the flowers. 
It's a free pattern that I found on a French blog, if you are interested I can translate it for you...

zondag 26 juni 2011

Work in progress

Although I a not blogging a lot, I am very busy.......
I am working on some bags for the summermarkets (I signed up for two this year).here are the two flowerborders, that will be attached to a bag.
This border was made by my friend Dorien, she wanted it to be a quiltborder but was not really satisfied. So she send one border to me with the idea for a bag. I embellished the flowers and already have chosen the right fabric.
I made another red one and this bag is almost finished.

I also made this housewife/needle roll. Do you remember i already made one? When I was in Italy Angela from Ireland loved it so much so I gave it to her. But this needlerol is so practical, not only when you are i traveling but also when you are sewing outside, under the tree, like I am today. It's so HOT here......
 I asked Dorien to buy for me a ribbon , so I cannot fished it yet.
I uses Civil-War fabric, love the result.
Tomorrow more work in progress....

woensdag 22 juni 2011

Off the needles

I finished the second Lace Baktus shawl, made with Drops Delight, so soft ........ The color is called heather!

I already started another one, the 'cladonia' pattern.

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Tea cosy giveaway

My blogfriend Gayle has a giveaway on her blog. She gives away FOUR handmade tea cosies.
For a chance to win go to her blog and leave a comment. I did.
Good luck!

vrijdag 17 juni 2011

More harvest

A friend phoned me that I could come and pick her raspberries. I picked about 4 kilos the day after again 5 kilos of cherries. Here is what I made with the fruits.

zondag 12 juni 2011 much time to craft

The cherries are ready to pick and there are so many. I already made 18 pots with cherrie jam, I added some Amaretto (an Italien almond liqueur). And 16 pots with Amarene cherries, 15 pots with Kirsch/Porto cherries,they are  delicious with icecream.

In the meantime I finished the shawlette , which I started in Orvieto .

I already cast on a second one!
It's such an easy and pleasant pattern to knit, the pattern is free.

I also finished this cecilefacile pouch. It's perfect to keep your threads and needles.

woensdag 8 juni 2011

My trip to Italy 7, Orvieto....the food

You cannot talk about Italy, without talking about the food. Mary and me, we started each day, rather early (7.30am) with a cappuccino at Pastericceria Scaponi.

This picture was made on thursday, marketday, we bought delicious food for the picnic in the courtyard.

I talked with this farmer about one of his vegetables, he told me the name but I cannot remember .I bought his tomatoes, and carrots;

He also had the zucchinis and their flowers.

We visited a vineyard, in the surroundings of Orvieto. Delicious wine, beautiful views an d a nice vineyard-owner. 

   On wednesday we had a cooking class, so much fun!!!

Janet and me worked very concentrated....

Together we made: parmiginana di melanzane , panna cotta and rotolini di zucchini e ricotta.
These rotolini were delicous!!!!

Our last groupdinner on friday gives us lots of wonderful memories. The food was 'divine' as they say in France, I heard you Americans say 'to die for'.
One of the starters, there were four different starters...., was cheese with truffles. I had never eaten truffles, they are rather expensive here , but Orvieto has summer and autumn truffles, black and white.

This is my last 'Trip to Italy' post, thanks for joining me . I hope to return in May 2012. If you want some recipes, I have some typical of Orvieto, you can send me an email.
P.S some pictures I used are made by Janet, Bill and Mary, thanks.

maandag 6 juni 2011

My trip to Italy 6, Orvieto.... MY show and tell

My first day in Orvieto we (Sue, Mary Vanelle and me), went to the museum next to the Duomo.  We saw these wonderful birds and I immediately knew that I would use them in my work.

And this is the result of my class with Sue Spargo in Orvieto:

I hesitated about yes-or-no adding a border. I went through my fabric and found only one fat quarter that should be perfect for a border, but a fq was not enough.
So I decided to finish only with a binding. 

zondag 5 juni 2011

My trip to Italy 5, Orvieto.... show and tell

 We started on monday layering our wool Fat Quarter. On tuesday Sue told us that she wanted us to CUT our fat quarter in 3 or 4 pieces so we could arrange them in another way.  Finally most of us agreed and the result was wonderful. Then  we started  to applique the images and after that the embellishments, the real fun!!
On friday, our last day together, we had a show and tell in the courtyard. Although most of us had not finished their work, the results of this great week, were already beautiful

In everybodys work you can see images of Orvieto:  the Duomo, the abstract images outside the Duomo and on the gates, the mosaic tiles, the vineyard that we visited, the jasmine which was blooming everywhere.....

Renée from Missouri, she made a lovely owl and snake....

Vanelle from Montana made the Duomo .

Janet from Ohio with some tiles and other elements of the Duomo

Lynn from Illinois also made some flowers/tiles 

Mary from Illinois made the artichoke she saw on the saturday market, the bird is from the museum.

Kathy from Utah made an Orvieto landscape.

Angela from Ireland was inspired by the grapes and leaves, look at the embellishment of her grapes!

Elizabeth from Sydney ,Australie also made leaves.

Kori from Ohio started with the cappuccino cup and filled it with flowers.

Cathy, Kori's mother made the twisted Wisteria in the courtyard.

Carole from illinois made an Orvieto landscape with houses.
We put all our work on the table so everybody could make pictures of the details.

Tomorrow my personal Show and Tell, see you tomorrow!

vrijdag 3 juni 2011

My trip to Italy 4, Orvieto.... the convent

Our B&B in Orvieto was a beautiful convent with a large courtyard.

We often had a picnic in the courtyard, thursday it was Sue's and Kori's birthday.

We were sitting there for a drink before going outside to explore New Things.

Our classroom was upstairs, bright and spacious.

Everybody worked so concentrated, there were lots of fabric to choose, lots of embellishment threads....