zondag 26 juni 2011

Work in progress

Although I a not blogging a lot, I am very busy.......
I am working on some bags for the summermarkets (I signed up for two this year).here are the two flowerborders, that will be attached to a bag.
This border was made by my friend Dorien, she wanted it to be a quiltborder but was not really satisfied. So she send one border to me with the idea for a bag. I embellished the flowers and already have chosen the right fabric.
I made another red one and this bag is almost finished.

I also made this housewife/needle roll. Do you remember i already made one? When I was in Italy Angela from Ireland loved it so much so I gave it to her. But this needlerol is so practical, not only when you are i traveling but also when you are sewing outside, under the tree, like I am today. It's so HOT here......
 I asked Dorien to buy for me a ribbon , so I cannot fished it yet.
I uses Civil-War fabric, love the result.
Tomorrow more work in progress....

5 opmerkingen:

  1. That's beautiful Baukje, love the colours in those bag borders..

  2. Mooi geborduurd, ik zal er ook eens aan beginnen, ik ben benieuwd hoe de tassen worden. Groetjes Dorien

  3. I can't wait to see the bags. I love the needle roll. I haven't seen one before (where have I been?) but that looks awesome and would be so useful.

  4. The borders are beautiful, bet the bags will be too.