donderdag 13 september 2012

Marie Claire Idées

I bought some old 'Marie Claire Idées' magazines.  It's a magazine with a lot of idees to decorate your home, to make handmade presents, to knit, to crochet........
I'll show you some.....
These colorful pillow covers are made from crocheted squares and triangles, sewed together and then there were sewed  circles or flowers on it. I think even without pattern this is easy to make .

Do ou have an old tablecloth that you don't like anymore, sew some yo-yo's or crocheted flowers along  the bottom .....

These decorations are easy to make, you could use  all kinds of paper  (I made some with origami paper) . You put several papers together as much as your sewing machine can handle , you draw the form you want and then sew in the middle , cut on the drawing lines and glue a thread in between and........finished. If your sewing machine cannot handle a lot of paper, you make two and glue them together.
Very nice in the christmastree or as an anniversary garland!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Baukje, I am catching after being gone from blogging awhile. OH, how I love looking at your beautiful blog and all your lovely posts. Your Yoko Saito Bouquet blocks are all truly lovely as is the quilt. Your granny square pouch is very neat. Hugs Judy

  2. I love those pillows. What dreamy colors. Also the paper ornaments are so charming.

  3. A relaxing day to spend drinking tea and reading blogs sounds very nice to me, too. I love looking through old decor/crafting magazines. So many good ideas. I really love those paper ornaments. I'll have to try making a few.

  4. Zalige inspiratie uit prachtige tijdschriften, die vervelen nooit, veel plezier met je aankoop en ik verheug me al op eventuele projecten die je gaat maken.

  5. Love those crochet pillow covers - so simple but so effective. The colours are gorgeous. I really love old needlework mags too - already have far too many! :o)

  6. Yep, the pillows are great. Could you , would you, tell me the issue for the crochet squares with trees. I'v been wanting to do a family project for each households. thanks
    again thanks