zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

Orvieto Italy day 6 

On thursday we visited a vineyard, i forgot my camera so no pictures. These days are so busy there was so little time for blogging. 

Today i want to show more of the convent. Instituto San Lodovico is a large,old palace that has served as a convent, a school and now is a Bed and Breakfast run by three nuns.

Parts of the building date to the early 14 th century. There are remnants of frescoes from this period. One that is said to have been done by Michelangelo when he visited Orvieto on his way to Rome to paint the Sistine Chapel.

The courtyard

The garden

These three frescoes are in the breakfastroom.

They think this one is made by Michelangelo.

These old statues were in the room with the frescoes.

My room was next to the old ballroom

The beautiful staircase

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  1. Wat is het toch genieten van je blog. Ik zag je al op foto's op het blog van Sue Sargo.
    heerlijke sfeer en gezelligheid. Je daken worden al mooi!
    Veel plezier en inspiratie en fijne zondag.

    Lieve groetjes, Evelyne