zondag 24 juni 2012

More finished projects

Some months ago my French neighbor asked me if i would make a bag for her mother. She bought one of my bags about two years ago and she wants a new one. I hesitated because I don't want to make any orders for bags, I only want to make bags for ME. But at the end I said :yes, okay I will do it.  Finally this week I finished the bag,  my neighbors mother is very happy with the result.

In oktober last year, when I went to Paris by train, I started this small nine-patch quilt. From time to time I made some squares, when I was in Nantes again some squares, but all those small paper piecing squares stayed for months in a pouch. This week I finished the small quilt.
It's difficult to make a good picture.... 

I made this pouch with some squares  that I had left .

I started working on Quilt mystery block 3 from Yoko Saito, I love it..... 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een prachtige quilt! En dat étui heb je ook mooi gedaan.


  2. Hoi Baukje, wat laat je weer leuke projecten zien. Echt super.
    En ik! Ja ik geniet elke dag van onze nieuwe bewoonster. Ze word steeds brutaler en bedenkt van alles wat niet mag. Toch ook wel lachen want wanneer ik nee zeg begint ze op haar manier te mopperen.

    Nou tot blogs maar weer.